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Tango lessons, workshops, weekends and milongas

Tango Entero is a dance school for Argentine tango with experienced teachers and a lot of enthusiasm for the Argentine tango. We offer tango courses in Nijmegen and beginner weekends in Apeldoorn.

In Nijmegen we often have international participants, mostly students and researchers who stay for several months or years at the Radboud University Nijmegen. They are eager to continue their passion for tango or looking for a social activity during their stay.

For our international guests the information about our courses in Nijmegen is also available in English. You can access the information through the menu on the left, or by clicking the link below. We hope to be able to welcome you at one of our trial lessons or dance evenings.

Tango lessons in Nijmegen


"Dance with your heart and your feet will follow."

Salon Tango Entero in Concertzaal Oosterbeek
Salon Tango Entero in Concertzaal Oosterbeek

Dance location in Nijmegen:

Leemptstraat 30
6512 EN Nijmegen

Dance location in Enschede:

Jazz café De Tor
Walstraat 21
7511 GE Enschede

Dance location in Zutphen:

Vrije School De IJssel
Henri Dunantweg 4
7201 EV Zutphen




Photo's: Dirk-Jan Meulman